• Kerry D. Krauss

Weather Report: July 28

I walked a bit farther today than usual. I had the time. I had the right weather. I had no other pressing responsibilities.

I paid special attention to the life. The wild grape, Queen Anne’s Lace, corn, and wheat have flourished with the recent rains. The trees, thick with leaves, hung over the roadway. A wild apple tree showed fruit.

The insects caught my attention today. It is their season. Even the finches, robins, and sparrows gave way to the grasshoppers, dragonflies, and butterflies. With each step grasshoppers would scatter another fifteen feet down the road. Butterflies staggered relentlessly. Dragonflies hovered like drones looking at me as if I was out of place. I saw one bee completely engrossed in its work.

I have experienced the grasshoppers. They stay close to the road. When I near, they flutter away in escape. I put my hands out in some Franciscan blessing. I’ve landed a few. Grasshoppers don’t bother me like spiders do.

I discovered that butterflies don’t like having their pictures taken. Maybe they mistook me for paparazzi. They are gentle creatures. I saw several clinging to the underside of a Queen Anne’s Lace. At my approach they fled. Am I so threatening? (To be sure if an organism the size of my house approached me, I would flee, too).

What I appreciated today was the harmony. Each piece, each being, each player had its role. They allowed each other to shine. They yielded to each other, cooperated, celebrated their diversity without asserting their individuality. They were at peace. I was at peace.

I love you.

I need you.

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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