• Kerry D. Krauss

Tip of the Iceberg

Today on Twitter, the Merriam-Webster Twitter handle (@MerriamWebster) offered to show words that first appeared in the year you were born. I know these are just games to harvest my personal information, but I was curious as to what words first appeared in print in 1969. (yes, they have a Twitter handle and yes, I follow MerriamWebster).

A quick run through the year shows a great variety of words and usages now commonplace—autosave, kazilliion, marginalized, microchip, Martin Luther King Day, sport utility vehicle, videocassette. Here is a fun sentence using mostly words birthed in 1969 (words first used in print are underlined:

The limousine liberal anchorwoman derived unknowledgeable knowledge using a superminicomputer, planetary science, and futuristics before she had a DUI in her off-roader sport utility vehicle. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

‘Tip of the iceberg’ caught my attention. Over the weekend, I was telling Karen and Harrison that I originally started college aiming to be a teacher. I learned in the first education class that 90% of teaching is preparation, only 10% was teaching. I moved on to writing. I found out 90% of writing is preparation, only 10% is writing. I surrendered to ministry and have learned that 90% of what I do is preparation, only 10% is doing ministry.

The iceberg metaphor matches the iceberg reality. We see only a small portion; the rest lies beneath. We know only a small portion about someone else. We reveal only a small portion of ourselves to others. Our loves, our passions, our cares bob at the top while the rest of our loves and passions and cares remain carefully and strategically hidden.

These days are filled with surprises, not all of them good. They carry a sense of awe. We have lived painfully repetitious days for three and half months, but no two days have been the same. We have displayed the desire to work together and untogether. We have met and gone beyond the break point, yet somehow, we still thrive. We have employed fuzzy logic and high tech solutions. I’m no life coach and I’m not just jawboning you either. I really believe but if we can embrace the wonder of these days, we will appreciate them more.

I love you.

I need you.

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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