• Kerry D. Krauss

The Best Board Meeting Ever

After a failed attempt yesterday, the Unified Board of SBMC met today. Some of us gathered in Fellowship Hall. Some gathered via phone or computer. It is a scene that is repeated over and over as people use technology to meet, make decisions, play Farkle. These days and the ones that follow it will define human interactions for a long time.

Some people have been using telecommunications for their whole career. They have become very skilled at the technical art of Zoom. The multitask ability to talk, type, remember, and innovate impresses me. Actually, the ability to get 8 people on a Google Hangout at the same time with video and audio amazes me. I think witchcraft may be involved.

I have a friend that has worked remotely for years. He makes his calls. He bosses other people around. He gets bossed around by other people. He solves problems. Creates new ones. All of this while sitting in his home office and texting me about the prospects for the 2020 Patriots. Working remotely is still work.

It is the REMOTE part that captures me. We have all been remote—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. The virus and the threat of serious illness has made us isolate. Remote has become our standard mode of operation—at least temporarily.

For an hour and ten minutes, we were not remote anymore. We couldn’t hug each other like we would have preferred. We couldn’t look everyone in the eye. There was a sense of incompleteness about the experience. For seventy minutes we were no longer little islands. It felt good.

It felt so good, I decree that this was the best board meeting EVER! Not because of the great decisions we made, not because we bossed or were bossed, not because we solved any problems or created new ones, simply because we were together.

We gathered. We laughed. We commiserated. We thought. We prayed. We asked questions. We (I) made up answers. We harmonized. We listened. In short, we churched.

I needed it. I needed to feel connected—even remotely—to people that I love and serve.

For most semi-functioning adults, we struggle to admit that we NEED anything. We thrive at knowing what we WANT. Many of us believe NEED is a sign of weakness. To NEED something or someone is a humble recognition of a basic reality. We all NEED—food, water, light, air, laughter, joy, sorrow.

We all NEED other people: to gather, to laugh, to commiserate, to think, to pray, to wonder, to answer. We especially need each other to harmonize and listen.

Take a moment and think about the people you need. Be grateful for them. If you’re courageous, give them a call this weekend.

I love you.

[I need you.]

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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