• Kerry D. Krauss

My People

Since 2017 I have moonlighted at the Door County Brewing Company. Friends own and operate the business. I like beer. It was a match made in heaven.

I love the people with whom I get to work. Most of them belong to the 20-30 age bracket, which I seldom get to work with otherwise. I love most of the people that come into the brewery. They have stories of life outside of the county. I love not being ‘Pastor Kerry’ for a few hours. I need a diversion. I really love getting to sample some of the best beer being made in Door County right now (shameless corporate plug for which I expect compensation).

Last Friday I worked my first shift of the summer. The beers change. We have some new employees. The facemasks and cleaning protocols are different. 95% of the people drink their beers outside. The relative quiet and calm inside the tasting room disappointed me. I still enjoy a little ruckus. I spent the night with my people. It felt good.

On Wednesday, the Unified Board of the Sister Bay Moravian Church met to conduct regular business. Four of us gathered in Fellowship Hall. Another four joined via Zoom. We conducted business. We had our moments of laughter. Sally said one unforgivable thing. I said another. We both equally (and playfully) admonished one another. Our laughter while working proved that we need each other and love each other and miss each other.

I enjoyed the ruckus. I spent some time with my people. It felt good.

I believe these days of separation takes their toll. Our Creator made us for one another. We are social animals. While I am not willing to risk my health or the health of any other human being for the sake of socialization, I miss people. I know we will meet again. We will sit around the same table in Fellowship Hall and laugh and work. We will gather at the brewery, pull up a chair, and tell some stories—some true, some not. We will make a joyful ruckus again. We will gather the congregation to sing, embrace, commune, and fellowship.

I get to go back to the brewery tonight and be with my people and recognize that ALL people are my people. I hope you have identified ‘your people’. I hope you can communicate your love and affirmation of them. I hope ‘your people’ have room for more people. We could all use a few new friends these days.

Especially friends that like good beer.

I love you.

I need you.

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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