• Kerry D. Krauss


A game played on Twitter today: “The last text message you sent is your response to Jesus being raised from the dead.” This is and really should be a thing. The best responses I’ve seen so far:

· We’re out of wine

· Hope you’re having a good weekend lol

· C+ for effort

I know these are probably not legitimate texts, but they are clever and I needed a laugh. Truth be told, yesterday was strange. Over the years, I’ve gotten accustomed to the gray, sunless Easters of Door County. Yesterday, was no different…especially with the impending sleet/snow/rain/wind. We know that spring—or whatever will pass as spring this year is several weeks away.

It didn’t feel right. There was no hurry, no commotion, no anticipation and fulfillment. We rose. We ate. We watched. We played. Our daily ritual for almost the past four weeks…every day.

We did have Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. They are the official holiday breakfast for generations of Krauss’. We did watch the Moravian Church Without Walls worship at 10. But still, it didn’t feel like a holiday.

On days like yesterday, words take heightened importance. I heard some good words. “I love you.” “Thanks for dinner.” “The Lord is risen.”

It’s that last sentence that opens Easter services. It’s that last sentence offered as a greeting one Moravian to another, across the street, across the aisle, across the internet. Those are the words I long to hear and say with great enthusiasm.

Bro. Matt Gillard observed yesterday that our response to “The Lord is risen!” is equally compelling—"The Lord is risen, indeed!” He said, “When we say ‘indeed’ it is a claim that we shall be known by our love.” The ‘indeed’ both affirms and emphasizes our response. The Lord is risen! YYYYEEEESSSS, the Lord is risen. Beyond the resounding ‘YES’, the ‘indeed’ joins us to the Kin-dom of God and the whole community of creation.

I miss the communal affirmation of the Resurrection. Gathering first in the sanctuary and then processing to the cemetery. Sitting around tables eating breakfast. Celebrating with choir and bells and organ and a full house. Enjoying the afternoon at friends, telling stories and eating a lot of bread.

I don’t need the formal worship or the table fellowship to affirm the Resurrection. I’m glad I have it and wouldn’t have it any other way. My baseline affirmation to celebrate the Resurrection is to take a good, deep breath.

I need the emphatic affirmation. I don’t just need “The Lord is risen!” I need the response, the emphatic affirmation of the community and the Creation, “The Lord is risen, INDEED!”

I wonder how many Easter’s have gone by at the Sister Bay Moravian Church? I wonder how many times that call and response has been offered throughout the course of this congregation’s history? I will go the sanctuary tomorrow and whisper, “The Lord is risen” and listen for the echoes of former affirmations, “The Lord is risen, indeed!”

I love you.

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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