• Kerry D. Krauss

In Between

In between Samaria and Galilee,

In between chosen and ignored,

In between clean and dirty,

We journey through most of our lives, neither one nor the other,

Neither saint nor sinner,

Neither satisfied nor content.

In between loved and unloved,

In between liked and unliked,

In between accepted and rejected,

We struggle to be neither noticed nor ignored,

Neither powerful nor powerless,

Neither adored nor despised.

In between infidelity and commitment,

In between gratitude and entitlement,

In between grace and disgrace,

We sing neither praise nor condemnation,

We pray neither God’s will nor our will be done,

We embody neither peace nor hostility.

In between clarity and confusion,

In between certainty and ambiguity,

In between found and lost,

God gives both patience and discernment,

Both blessing and presence,

Both purpose and provision.

In between mercy and malevolence,

In between community and selfishness,

In between here and there

God bestows both love and benevolence,

Both compassion and justice,

Both forgiveness and redemption.

In between life and death,

In between joy and sorrow,

In between light and dark

Jesus calls:

Get up,

Go on your way,

Your faith has healed you.


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