• Kerry D. Krauss


Last night Karen gasped as she went to bed. “Kerry, there’s a BIG spider in here.” I calmly replied, “That’s OK, you can get this one!” (Actually, I didn’t say anything. I sat in the living room curled in the fetal position.” SMACK. I don’t know what weapon of mass destruction she used, but I was grateful. This morning Karen found the widow of last night’s wolf spider floating in her water cup. Word has spread among the wolf spider population that a serial killer is loose.

This afternoon when I returned to my office this guy/girl/they/them sat spider-like on the wall above my desk. I MAY have yelped. I MAY peed my pants a little. The picture does not do the spider justice. I estimate its span 8-9 feet gross, furry leg to gross, furry leg. My instant thought—call Karen or at least Door County Animal Control.

I paused and considered everything that I’ve written over the past 8 weeks. Could the lessons I have learned since the middle of March apply to spiders? Could I practice what I’ve been preaching? Could we make an uneasy truce…especially since Karen has been killing its relatives?

I sat at my desk and I offered my terms, “I don’t like you. You don’t like me. You can have your corner as long as I can have my desk.” (I really did say that out loud.) We didn’t shake on it. I don’t know which hand of the eight-legged freak binds oaths. We did, however, pass the afternoon without conflict. By force of habit, I checked his/her/they/their status regularly. No doubt the spider studied my every move with his/her/they/their eighteen eyes.

Toward the end of my day, I picked up my guitar. I did not serenade my unwelcome visitor, per se, but we shared the space and so we shared the worship. It was the least we could do.

The story comes to my mind of Brits and Germans coming out of their trenches on Christmas Eve to share a drink and a song. I don’t want to compare my struggles with spiders to German militarism in the early 20th century. However, if armies can pause a war to find unity, if spiders and Krauss’ can cease hostilities for one afternoon, then peace can reign. Harmony will prevail.

I love you…even you, wolf spider.

I need you.

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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