• Kerry D. Krauss

Covenanting Day

Today, September 16, is an important day for me. Other than it being Brian’s birthday, today is ‘Covenanting Day’ across the Moravian Church. Today, Moravian pastors gathered around the world to remember our ordination vows and to commit to them…at least for one more year.

The northeast Wisconsin Moravian pastors had agreed to meet in Freedom, WI. to celebrate our day, eat lunch on the church lawn, and share in the Cup of Covenant (not the same cup), share our burdens and our joys, and bless each other with laughter, tears, gossip, and an occasional true story. The virus has spiked significantly in Freedom (and the rest of Wisconsin…and the U.S….and the world) and the wise board and pastor asked of us NOT to come to Freedom. We settled for a Zoom meeting and as one of my colleagues referred to it…Zoombaya. (Pastor humor.)

We sat staring at our screens…some in their offices, some in the comfort of their backyards. We shared our joys and concerns, we blessed each other with some laughter and an occasional true story. We shared in prayer and drank from our own cups…mine lukewarm coffee. We tried. It wasn’t the same…it couldn’t be the same.

We did this to remember where we came from. We did this to remember where we are going. We did this to celebrate the year, affirm each other’s work, and encourage each other to keep going.

As much as I love this day for my personal reasons, I have used Sept. 16th as a day to celebrate, affirm, and encourage the ‘regular’ people in the church. It seems everyone should have a day to be celebrated, affirmed, and encouraged. Especially now, we should all be about the business of celebrating, affirming, and encouraging whatever is left for us to celebrate, affirm, and encourage—regardless of your religious affiliations or disaffiliations.

Today, I had two thoughts. First, I would like to be re-ordained at the Emmaus Moravian Church…this time with air conditioning. It’s the only thing that would have made that day in 1998 better.

Second, I celebrate you today. Wherever you work, whatever you do—WHOEVER YOU ENDEAVORED TO BE TODAY, YOU DID GREAT!!! I also want to encourage you…don’t stop being you. Don’t stop trying. Don’t stop hoping for better. Better is out there. It is within our grasp.

Today, as I sipped my lukewarm coffee, I reheard my why, “I chose you and I appointed you to go and bear the fruit of selflessness, obedience and sacrifice.” It is not the why I would have chosen for myself, but here I am.

Go get yourself something to drink. Take a moment. Consider your why. Have a drink. Covenant with yourself, with your partner, your family, with me, your god, your cats. Better yet, covenant with your neighbor, your neighborhood, your community, the global community of struggling human beings.

Today is our covenanting.

I love you.

I need you.

I hope for you.

Please be safe.


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